A very lucky Rehab Bingo player scooped a jackpot worth a huge £53,441 on Saturday June 1st. Rehab Bingo is Ireland’s best loved charity bingo site, featuring nice promotions, bonus deals and big cash prizes. The player known as ManJack11 won part of the progressive community jackpot, aka 49 Ball Jackpot, with a ball count of 47. The £100k Big Bingo Bomb was set to explode in late May, and ManJack11 happened to be there just when the bomb did.

Scooping a vast jackpot prize is every player’s vision: “It took me a couple of minutes to realise I had actually won, I wasn’t expecting to”, said ManJack11. “I will be taking some friends away on holiday over the summer, it will be a nice treat for them and their children.”

Getting more than £50k is a life changing experience. But ManJack11 decided to change other people’s lives, by donating some of his winnings to Rehab Charity. This jackpot couldn’t have ended up in better hands. “I am interested in Rehab’s work with Autistic people as I actually have Asperger Syndrome,” he commented.

CMs and players were congratulating him in the chat rooms, but ManJack11 was too preoccupied telling his friends and family to notice other players messages: “No idea what was going on, I logged out straight away and Skyped my friend”, he said.

Regardless of the big triumph, ManJack11 said that he hasn’t been playing that hard to try and win the jackpot. “I just bought lots of tickets!” he said. ManJack11 signed up with Rehab Bingo back in August of 2012, but “this is the first time I have won a lot in one go”, he said.

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