Our new interactive infographic is now available below, and it clearly illustrates in emphatic fashion that the online gambling market is set to continue its immense growth over the coming year. The worldwide gambling market was worth $7.4 billion less than a decade ago, while last year it was worth an astounding $35 billion. It is predicted that for 2014, the overall market will be worth a mind-blowing $40 billion, overtaking the revenues generated by the movie and gaming industry.

The worldwide online gambling market takes into account the likes of online bingo, casino, poker and sports betting. In the United Kingdom, 82% of all gamblers are male, while only 18% are female, while the average online gambler in the UK loses approximately £3,000 every year. The average gambler in the UK is aged 31. On the other hand, it seems that female gamblers tend to play a lot more than their counterparts, making their life time value a lot higher. The time spent gambling in the lifetime of a male player is 14 months, whereas females are way ahead at 21 months, making them a very attractive target.

Make sure you use the rollover effects to reveal the incredible growth of the online gambling market from 2003 up to 2014.