July is only a couple of days away, and Bet365 Bingo has set up an absolute corker of a promotion, the £1,000,000 Grand Ball that will run between Monday July 1st and Wednesday July 31st. Bet365 Bingo will make sure that they give away at least £30,000 on a daily basis, as they will have a bingo game playing on the hour, every hour, from 1pm until 10pm. These games feature a guaranteed £1,000 prize for everyone, meaning the one line, two line and Full House winners will take home £1,000 each.

Over the weekend, Bet365 Bingo will be upping the ante  by adding two more games, one at 12pm and the other one at 11pm, giving players even more chances to take home some healthy prizes. Everybody who wishes to be in with a chance of getting their hands on thousands of pounds, all they have to do is purchase their tickets from the game lobby so they can waltz off in grand style. And at a cost of 50p each, there is no need for a fairy godmother to make some dreams come true.

As an added bonus, Bet365 Bingo has also added some nutritious bingo games that play from 6am until 9am, giving players the opportunity to wake up and win £2,500 every day, even before they get to work. The assortment of games includes Morning Specials, Last Chance Saloon, 1TG and 2TG games and many more.

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