As one of the top-tier bingo sites in the UK and Ireland, William Hill Bingo is always looking for new ways to excel in bingo entertainment, and we suspect they have hit the jackpot with their new Escalator Jackpot promotion. If you haven’t played these games before you will go mental, as William Hill is giving away a growing jackpot, that started from £100,000, to the player that calls bingo within a predetermined number of balls. Moreover, any players who purchased tickets during the winning game, will also get to receive a share of the prize.

This is how it all works. Every day after 6pm, the number of balls needed to win the jackpot increase from 29 to 30, meaning it gets slightly easier to win the £100k plus jackpot. Now in case the jackpot hasn’t been scooped by Friday May 31st, William Hill Bingo will increase the ball count by two every hour from 6pm, to guarantee that one lucky member will get to walk away with an enormous sum of money on that day.

Now the Money Mountain jackpot happens to be a community jackpot, which means that the player that calls bingo will get to receive half the prize money, while everyone else that was in the bingo room and had purchased at least one ticket into the game, will get to split the remaining amount. This means that a number of players will win a cool prize without even having to call bingo.

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