As we slowly head into the summer period, there’s a satisfying upsurge in announcements from bingo sites about giving away a number of cool prizes that can come in handy in the next few months. Take for example the latest competition to be introduced by the new bingo site of Rovers Bingo called Prize Bingo, and runs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 7pm-9pm and concludes on Wednesday May 29th.

A very special bingo room called Prize room will play host to some amazing online bingo games that will be featured during the two hour period. Tickets for these games cost a very fair 25p each, and in addition to the cash prizes, the player to call bingo on the Full House will get to win an extra prize. There are at least a dozen prizes hidden behind the numbers, and some of them include Amazon Vouchers, iPod Shuffles, Lindt chocolates, Moet & Chandon champagnes, cookbooks, DVD box sets and more. Furthermore, players can scoop loyalty points or get the opportunity to spin the wheel for their chance to walk away with up to £2,500.

In the event there is more than one winner, then the value of the prize and  the loyalty points will be shared equally amongst the winners. In case the prize was to spin the wheel, then Rovers Bingo will give all players the chance to unlock the wheel and see what prize is behind it.

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