Here at we like to give something back every now and again. So we’re giving the community a free android app. It isn’t bingo related, but it is pretty fun. Right now it’s in the early stages but we do have it up and running. The game is a randomised word search based on a timer system. The idea being to “find” as many words in 2 minutes as you can with the random set of letters that appear.

We will be adding a shuffle button and some various time modes in the next few weeks. But, right now try it out and let us know what you think (be gentle it’s a work in progress). We’ll also be adding the ability to tweet your score. If you guys like it and it goes well this could be the 1st of many free games we make.

So to all our readers we hope you enjoy yourselves when you play bingo find the words.

To all of you that are using an iPhone/Windows Phone or Blackberry we’re sorry but we had to start somewhere. We’ll look at a cross platform version a little down the line.

You can download BingoFind: The Words from Google Play by clicking here.