Fine-tuning the balance between online bingo and online slot promotions can be a bit of a headache, but Zoom Bingo has become an expert when it comes to offering their players one of each. Instead of having to worry which set of players will have the best of time, they have decided to keep everyone happy by launching two new promotions. Extreme Slots and Bingo Stick will run between April 21st and April 30th with plenty of cash up for grabs.

Extreme Slots will allow Zoom Bingo players to create and make the most of their own adventures as they take playing slots to the next level. The top five players who wager the most cash during the promotional period will end up with a share of the £250 cash prize pool. The top player will receive £70, the runner up will get £60, and the next three players will finish with £50, £40 and £30 respectively. There are two qualifying slot machines that count towards the wagering requirements and they include Photo Safari and Jolly Roger.

For the fervent bingo fans, Bingo Stick is the appropriate promotion for those who love to stay in touch with their bingo buddies in the chat rooms as they cheer for their wins. The top five most active players will get to split the £250 cash prize as follows; first place will get £70, second place will receive £60, third place will finish with £50, fourth place will end up with £40 and fifth place will receive £30. A qualifying deposit must be made during the promo in order for players to take part.

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