Have you ever thought what it would be like to win a jaw-dropping £30,000 jackpot? Well, no need to think about it anymore, as the established bingo site of Wink Bingo is gearing up to host their £30,000 Dream Jackpot that will play on Friday May 3rd at 9:30pm and will give one of their patrons the opportunity to take home the entire prize. That is correct, as it is a 75 ball bingo game, it means that one Wink Bingo patron will not have to share the prize with any of their fellow roomies. Imagine just how much your life would change with £30k in the bank.

Tickets for the £30,000 Dream Game can be acquired now from the lobby at a cost of just £2 each, or alternatively, patrons can scoop freebies by collecting Dream points, for every 500 points they will receive one free ticket. Dream points can be obtained as follows; every bingo win on the Dream Idol pattern will net them 500 points, make a post on the Wink Bingo Facebook page stating why you should win the jackpot to net another 250 points, stake £1 on 75 ball or 90 ball tickets to net 5 points, bingo wins on the Ollie, Tommy, Lorenz, Billy and Lewis patterns will net 5 points and £50 stakes on instant games will net 1 point.

Furthermore, Joy Gem VIP patrons will be able to get free tickets when they max out on the Saturday £5k game or the Doubled £10k Jackpot game. The big game will play on the Dream Idol pattern, while in case there is more than one winner, then the £30k cash prize will be shared equally.

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