A recent collaboration between Citroen and a fashion magazine resulted into a very special Citroen C1 being developed. Now, the Costa Bingo website is giving everyone the opportunity to win a brand new Citroen C1 as part of Sunny’s Drive Time promotion. The stylish and compact vehicle will end up in the driveway of the player that wins the Drive Time bingo game which is planned to play on April 30th at 9pm. Best of all, this car can be yours absolutely free.

Costa Bingo players can buy their tickets for the big game from the lobby at a cost of a reasonable £5 each, or they can exchange some of their Diamonds for some freebies. Furthermore, all deposits made every Monday will earn players 10 free tickets, all bingo wins on the Car pattern will earn them 5 free tickets and all the qualifiers that play every Wednesday and cost a mere 1p each will give away hundreds of free tickets. The Drive Time qualifiers that play at 8pm will give away free tickets to players with 1TG and 2TG tickets as well. The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased, earned for free or a combination of both, cannot exceed 96.

The winner will end up with the standard Citroen C1, as advertised on their website which retails for £7,995. As an option, Costa Bingo is giving their winner the opportunity to choose a £5,000 cash alternative. In the event there is more than one winner, the cash alternative will be shared equally amongst the winning players.

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