In Wagering Kings and Queens, the new promotion at Bobs Bingo that is set to run throughout April, you shouldn’t expect any fancy or royal ceremonies to take place. Instead, the popular bingo room is giving away £2,000 in cash prizes and a number of amazing entertainment appliances and gift vouchers. All in all, bingo lovers and slot enthusiasts will have the time of their life as they play their favourite games.

The promotion is very simple, every week, the top five players to wager the most on either online bingo or slot machines, will get to take home a share of the £500 weekly cash prize. The winners will be announced every Monday in April, with the first group of players revealed on April 8th. With four weeks in April, Bobs Bingo players will get to split a total of £2,000 in real cash prizes.

At the end of the month, the top ten players to have wagered the most during the month of April, will get to receive some pretty cool gifts. The top ranked player will get a state-of-the-art Home Theatre, the next two players will scoop a trendy LCD TV, the next three players will each receive the beloved iPhone, while the next four players will each receive a £50 Amazon gift voucher for their efforts. The winners will be announced on Thursday May 2nd.

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