There is a very good reason why a number of leading online bingo sites are resulting to spending a large portion of their marketing budget to advertise their commercials on national TV in order to attract new customers. It seems that TV commercials broadcast across terrestrial channels, are easier to recall, giving those sites a better chance of attracting potential new customers that are not looking on the internet to find one of the many new bingo sites. If they didn’t have to sacrifice at least £1 million to reach a wide range of demographics, even smaller brands would end up taking the TV route.

The best example of such a case, is the new TV commercial prepared by The Biscuit Agency on behalf of Foxy Bingo that air across Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3 and promote Foxy’s Prize Bus bingo games. A research carried out by TNS between February 7-11 2013, showed that when the commercial hit the TV channels it had a recall mark of 30, while a month later, between March 7-11 2013, Foxy Bingo had a respectable recall mark of 28. During the same period, the TV commercials prepared by Isobel for had the same recall mark of 28.

It still remains to be seen if the new multi-million pound TV campaign for Cheeky Bingo, created by Frontroom, and  Adconnection’s £1 million campaign for Lucky Pants Bingo will have the same impact across the very lucrative UK bingo scene. Only time will tell.