Critically acclaimed online bingo site Harrys Bingo is bound to be a show stealer this month, based at least on their current crop of promotions. Their new bingo and slots promotions are so delightful that you sure don’t want to miss them. Whether it is your chance to win multiple jackpot prizes throughout the month, or win amazing shopping vouchers from leading retailers, Harrys Bingo is definitely worth checking out in March.

The one promotion that caught our attention big time is the opportunity to get lucky 12 times a day as you vie for your chance to win a £1,000 sliding jackpot. These 90 ball bingo games will play once an hour, from 11am until 10pm throughout March, and anyone who calls bingo within 25 balls or less, they will get to take home a huge £1,000 real cash prize. The jackpot prize depreciates as more and more balls are called out, but even the eventual winner, anyone who calls bingo in 42 balls or more, they will still get to win a £100 prize. As you have gathered, in this promo, less is the new more.

Every day during March, Harrys Bingo will also be dishing out £100 shopping vouchers to every player that has made a minimum £10 deposit that day. The vouchers can be redeemed at Amazon, Top Shop, Argos, Asda and John Lewis. There is a lot more to playing bingo than what meets the eye at Harrys Bingo in March. Moreover, the first two bingo games in the 80 ball bistro room will be totally free, with up to 6,000 in bonus bucks up for grabs. Finally, if you love online slots, Harrys Bingo will be giving back up to 20% in cash back bonuses.

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