Now that the worst of the winter weather is behind us, we can start looking forward to a nice springtime, more sunshine, more lovely flowers and of course, the end of the month, which brings another major perk, The Big £10K. Why not become a Butlers Bingo player now for your chance to enter The Big £10K. The Big £10K is a special monthly game brought to you by The Butler at the end of every month where a massive £10,000 jackpot is guaranteed.

It takes place on March 30th at 10pm and is such an anticipated game that The Butler has reserved two of his finest bingo rooms for it. You can play either in the Harmony room or in the Sunshine room. Tickets into the game are only a miniscule £1. However, you know it doesn’t end there when it comes to The Butler’s generosity. If you splash out £6 and buy 6 tickets, you will get another 6 tickets absolutely free of charge.

If you want to ensure you have your tickets, you can pre-buy right after you deposit at Butlers Bingo. Just click on the “Advanced Buy” button, in “Special Games” and once you find the Big £10k game you’re in luck. So why don’t you visit Butlers Bingo today and join in the fun, you might be the next big jackpot winner.

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