Sparkling Bingo have been dazzling us ever since their revamp last summer and the good times only seem to keep coming. This site has put together the perfect promotion to beat all other bingo sites for Valentine’s Day, it’s certainly won our hearts. Sparkling Bingo have planned their £1,402 Valentine’s Love Celebration for February 14th at 9pm. This is exactly where you need to be if you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day. Even those with dates can still play, as they have the luxury of the automatic bingo tickets function. Entrance to this game is reasonable for a prize game of this stature, as tickets cost 50p each.

A special room named the Love Celebration Room has been created especially to host this romantic online bingo game. The final preparations are being made and it won’t be long before you can play for these jackpots; The full House winner will get £550, the four line winner will get £350, the three line winner will get £250, the two line winner will get £150 and the one line winner will get £102.

As if we couldn’t love Sparkling Bingo enough, they have only gone ahead and made us adore them even more. Zodiac Bingo is another promotion that can count on our love in 2013, especially as it will be a monthly affair running for the entire year. Basically, Zodiac Bingo is a series of monthly bingo games that come with bingo jackpots worth £1,111 each.

Players get 10 free bingo tickets for the game that plays during their star sign, but they will also be able to pay for 30p tickets throughout the year. The games will be held on the final date of each star sign and feature a starting time of 8pm for each. If you have any confusion over the schedule then we highly recommend that you can go and see for yourself at Sparkling Bingo.

All of the jackpots will be worth £1,111 and, like the Valentine’s jackpot promo, it will be paid out on a five-line basis. Full house winners have the added benefit of receiving 20 free tickets for the next game in the series by leading the following pay table; Full House jackpot is £500, four line jackpot is £300, three line jackpot is £150, two line jackpot is £100 and one line jackpot is £61.

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