There is no time for Bet365 Bingo to enjoy the view from the top, as they head into the week with not one, but two jaw-dropping promotions that are bound to take your breath away. It all starts on Thursday February 21st with their £10,000 Bingo Value Night, and then it comes to an end on Saturday February 23rd as their £65,000 Speed Bingo games will leave your breathless. If you don’t won’t to miss out on any of the action, simply login to your account today and use the pre-purchase function and get your tickets now.

As the name suggests, the £10,000 Bingo Value Night will let you win lots of cash without actually breaking the bank, as ticket prices start from 1p and do not exceed 10p. The promotion will start at 6pm and finish at midnight, and you will be able to find and play all your favourite bingo games, including the likes of Value 1TG and 2TG, Tuppence Special, Last Chance Saloon Bargain Boost and many more. The highlight of the night is the Bargain Bingo Linx game that plays at 10:30pm and features a £1,000 guaranteed jackpot, while tickets for the game can be acquired for 10p a pop.

The £65k Speed Bingo night will take place in the Press Room between 6pm and 11pm, and while ticket prices range from 2p up to 50p, you will also have the chance to win the £55,000 Escalator Jackpot. These games will play on the hour from 6pm until 1am, and the ball count will increase with every passing game, meaning that you can scoop the jackpot during the last game if you call bingo in 45 balls or less. Just make sure you don’t blink, or you’ll miss the action.

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