Do you believe in things that go bump in the night? There have been some spooky stories of late at Butlers Bingo. For starters, there was the story of a loyal Butlers Bingo player who, having opted into one of their fantastic promotions, won an amazing luxury weekend in Thornbury Castle courtesy of The Butler. It wasn’t until she returned home that, on close inspection of the many pictures that she took on her trip, she noticed some spooky photo-bombers had been snapped. Were they ghosts? Was there a normal explanation? The truth is out there.

Then there was the story of another big Butlers Bingo winner. This man had served in the Merchant Navy as a young man and one night decided to visit a Fortune Teller as a bit of a laugh with the other Navy guys. When he got there, the Fortune Teller told him: “You will have to work extremely hard for every penny you get from now until the rest of your life.” Of course, this man’s name was John O. and he recently won £5.88m from Butlers Bingo. Perhaps The Butler doesn’t believe in Fortune Tellers.

Finally, an unnamed Butlers Bingo player, who won a £4.5k prize in one of their many special promotions, one day heard a mysterious ringing. It was the phone. She picked up the phone and, on the other end of the line, heard the voice of a mysterious stranger. This voice said: “Congratulations, Butlers Bingo calling, you have been chosen as the winner of our £4.5k prize.” It was at this point that the lady obviously got scared and exclaimed “I don’t want it” before hanging up the phone in horror. Talk about spooky.

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