Why yes, there are indeed some breathtaking online bingo games at Posh Bingo this Christmas season, and both are dishing out thousands of pounds in the process. First to come up is the Unwrap £2k game that will play on Christmas Day, and then coming up, is the £5k Sparkling NY game that will play on January 1st 2013. Tickets for the former must be purchased, while tickets for the latter can be won for free when Posh Bingo players continue to play their favourite games.

The Unwrap £2k bingo game will play on Tuesday December 25th at  9:45pm and one very fortunate player will get to bag the entire £2,000 cash prize as the game plays on the 75 ball bingo variant. The winner will be the first player to call bingo on the Xmas Cracker pattern, while tickets for the game cost a very reasonable 50p each, especially when you consider what’s at stake. Posh Bingo players looking to boost their chances of winning, can purchase up to 96 tickets.

On the other hand, the £5k Sparkling NY game will play on the 90 ball bingo variant, and the £5,000 cash prize will be divided as follows; the one line winner will get £1,000, the two line winner will get £1,500 and the Full House winner will get £2,500. Tickets cost just £1 each, but players can get some of them for free by carrying out the following tasks; when they wager £20 on instant games they will get 1 point, when they wager £1 on bingo tickets they will get 2 points, when they bingo on the number 13 or the Champagne Glass Full pattern they will get 4 points, and they can get another 200 points for telling Leanne what dream they want to come true in 2013. VIP players can earn an extra 5,000 points when they reach 2,500 points. When a player reaches 500 points, they will get 1 free ticket into the game.

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