If you are looking to win some amazing prizes, that would set you back just a tiny fraction of their actual retail price, and would make for a fantastic Christmas present to your loved ones, then Costa Bingo is the place to be over the next fortnight. The bingo site that is famous for their better value bingo games, is hosting some amazing cheap bingo games on a daily basis that will give their members the chance to win anything from gaming consoles to the latest e-reading gadgets.

These 75 ball bingo games will play every day until Saturday December 15th at 8pm, and members can purchase their tickets now from the game lobby at a cost of either 1p, 2p or 5p, depending on the game they wish to take part in. Anyone who’s looking to amplify their chances of winning, they can purchase up to 96 tickets per game, and they would still get some change from a pound in most cases.

Some of the prizes that are up for grabs in Sunny’s Stocking Filler Games include the always popular gaming consoles of Nintendo Wii, PS3 Super Slim, Nintendo 3DS and the Xbox Kinect Bundle. Other sought-after gadgets on the line during these games are a Kindle Fire HD, an iPad Mini, an iPhone 5, an Asus Laptop and a 40 inch widescreen HD 3D TV.

Costa Bingo is chock-full of prizes worthy of your time and money just in time for the Christmas period, while additional promotions will be added regularly as we approach the festive season, that are bound to offer powerful emotions to their members. Anyone new at Costa Bingo, they can see their first £10 deposit earn them another £20 free so they can play with £30 in their account.

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