How does playing bingo online for free for an entire year sound? If that tickles your fancy, then Sing Bingo and their Singo Bingo game is definitely worth your time, as the winner of this upcoming game will win a whole year’s worth of free bingo. The game is scheduled to play on Christmas Day at 10pm and the winner will get to scoop £1,800 worth of bonus cash, which will be split into monthly payments of £150 and credited into the winners’ account at the start of the month.

Sing Bingo players can purchase tickets for this game either by purchasing them from the Diamond Store for 10 Diamonds each, or they can purchase them from the game lobby at a cost of £2 each. But as always, the bingo site with the motto – the star of free bingo – is giving players the opportunity to win some free tickets for this awesome game. They can earn 10 free tickets if they make a deposit on Monday December 10th or 17th and they can also earn 10 freebies every time they call bingo on the festive bingo patterns until Sunday December 23rd. The patterns include the Xmas Cracker, the Xmas Hamper, the Xmas Tree, the Xmas Santa Hat and the Xmas Stocking, all of which play randomly in the bingo rooms.

The Singo Bingo game will play on the 75 ball bingo variant and the winner will be the first player to call bingo on the Xmas Tree pattern. In case there is more than one winner, then the total amount of bonus cash will be split evenly amongst the winners.

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