RedBus Bingo is entertaining their members with a couple of joyful promotions until the end of the year, and one thing is for certain, they are not to be missed. The one is on Christmas Day and the other one is on New Year’s Day, while the jackpot prize from the first one to the second one is doubled, going from £2,000 to £4,000. Ticket prices for both sets of promotions are very cheap, giving everyone at RedBus Bingo the chance to take part and win some healthy cash prizes.

The £2k Xmas Angel bingo game has a very Christmassy £2,000 jackpot up for grabs, which will be split between the main jackpot and the players that have tickets with 1-to-go.  The game will play on December 25th at 9pm, and tickets cost 20p each, while players can buy up to 96 tickets. The first player to call bingo on the Xmas Tree pattern will get to take home the biggest share of the prize, a massive £1,500, while the remaining £500 will go to everyone that had 1TG tickets. Only funded players are eligible to play, while tickets can be bought in advance.

On January 1st 2013 at 7pm, RedBus Bingo will be hosting a special £4k NY game, which will see three players win this 90 ball jackpot game. The winner will scoop £2,013, the runner up will get £1,487 and the one line winner will receive £500. Tickets are worth £1 each and can be attained now from the game lobby. Moreover, players can play bingo, side games and accomplish  a few other actions to earn points. For every 500 points they amass, they will get 1 free ticket into the game.

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