Bingo3X are currently featuring a special popup on their site to celebrate the success to one of their lovely roomies. Any player that currently types into their browser and hits enter will get to see this special pop-up before they are directed to the site. Bingo3X is an online bingo site that frequently runs bingo promotions where considerable winnings can be won.

There’s nothing like encouraging roomies with enticing bingo jackpots and other goodies, and Bingo3X believe strongly in this. The special pop-up is a clear demonstration that Bingo3X are a player-focused bingo site that will do all they can to give them three times more fun – the core philosophy of the site.

Getting back to the special pop-up, Bingo3X are presently trumpeting the success of one of their roomies who goes by the alias of ‘penhead’. Penhead has been a very lucky player in this instance because they have won a massive jackpot worth exactly £7,510.98 – not a bad win before Christmas. Bingo3X have even provided a quote from this player who has been lavished under the glow of lady luck. Penhead states: ‘I feel like running in the street and singing out loud’. You can bet that before the day is out, penhead will do exactly that.

The player at the centre of this success story won their astonishing £7.5k sum of money while playing the Diamonds Are Forever progressive jackpot. Diamonds Are Forever is a 75 ball progressive jackpot that can be played for on a daily basis. Simply enter the Chatterbox room between 6.15pm and 11.45pm and bingo games will begin every 15 minutes. The Diamonds Are Forever pattern needs to be triggered in 34 calls or less to nab the jackpot. Newbies can play for this progressive jackpot by registering and claiming the 200% welcome bonus available from Bingo3X now.

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