You might want to call the set of new promotions at Naughty Bingo as the calm before the storm, as every bingo site is gearing up to disclose their forthcoming promotions that will run in conjunction with the holiday festivities. But until then, Naughty Bingo is set to keep their players on their toes, with more online bingo and casino promotions that are about to dish out more cash prizes than previous weeks.

The Bingo Stamp promotion will definitely meet your approval, as the top five players with the most wins across all bingo games between November 21st and November 30th will get to take home an additional £250 in cash prizes. The top ranked player will get £70, the second ranked player will get £60, the third ranked player will get £50, the fourth ranked player will get £40 and the fifth ranked player will get £30. In order to qualify for this promotion, players must make at least one deposit worth £15, while all the winners will receive their funds on Tuesday December 4th.

The Joyful Casino promotion will bring back the joy and pleasure of playing on some of the most popular online slot games at Naughty Bingo, which will give everyone the chance to make more money than expected. The top five players who wager the most cash on the slot games of Cats and Cash, Photo Safari and Wild Melon will get to split the £250 prize. The first prize is £70, the second prize is £60, the third prize is £50, the fourth prize is £40 and the fifth prize is £30. A qualifying deposit must be made during the promotion, while the winners will be declared on December 4th.

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