We’ve recently heard the fantastic story of a big win over at Butlers Bingo where the winner learned of the windfall via pretty unusual means. Butlers Bingo player “mandywado” was the lucky winner of a massive £19007.18 when her numbers came up in one of the Butlers Bingo rooms. However, she had no idea it had happened.

When the jackpot was won, the guys at Butlers Bingo were all ready for the phone to ring with an ecstatic winner on the other end of the phone cheering and laughing. But the phone never rang. So after a small period of time, they got The Butler himself on the case. The Butler picked up the phone, rang the number, and on the other end was the husband of the jackpot winner. Now, many-a-husband would be very curious as to know why exactly the suave sophisticated Butler would be calling to ask to speak to their wife. However, The Butler is a gentleman and without revealing the news, told the lady’s husband to relay a message:

“Please ask your wife to log into her Butlers Bingo account. She will be in for a surprise.”

When the lucky lady returned she rang up The Butler, who was very curious to know what could’ve taken her away from the fun atmosphere of the Butlers Bingo rooms. As it turns out, the lady was already a very lucky person that day already as the reason she had been dragged away from her bingo game was to welcome a new baby into her family. Already ecstatic at the wonderful news, she enquired as to why The Butler himself had called her up.

When the lady found out she had just won £19007.18 both her and her husband jumped around the room cheering. What had happened was that as she was dragged away from her game, her bingo card continued to fill up in her absence. You know what they say, a new baby brings with great luck.

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