The number of UK bingo sites on the internet is increasing by the month, but a new bingo site that has gained a strong foothold in the United Kingdom and Ireland in a short period of time, is aiming to strengthen its presence even more with their new online bingo games schedule. Winner Bingo, which is on the Playtech platform, and already offers an incredible £10 no deposit required bonus, is proud to announce the launch of more free bingo games.

So from now on, Winner Bingo members will get even more freebies from their favourite site, with free bingo games taking place every day of the week. These games will play in the Winners Lounge bingo room at 3:06pm, 5:30pm and 7:48pm, with each member getting 36 free cards per game, as they try to win the £7 fixed jackpot prize. This is a fabulous way for all the members to play the bingo games they love the most without spending any of their own money. Winner Bingo have also set aside three hours on a daily basis so that all their members can play bingo where bingo cards come at a discount. Playing in the Common Lounge from 9am-12pm, card prices for these games cost 2p, 4p and 5p.

All the bingo sites that use the Playtech software are making the most of their Last Chance Saloon games, and Winner Bingo is no exception. A new addition to their schedule, these games will play 5 times a day in the Common Lounge, with prizes ranging from 10p up to £10. This is how these games work. Any members that play the Last Chance Saloon games but fail to win any of the prizes on offer, they will get a pop up at the end of the game, asking them to scratch a scratch card. If they match any three symbols, they get to win the corresponding prize.

Grab £10 free at Winner Bingo