Over the course of the summer we brought to you a number of stories of how members at the SpinandWin.com casino and bingo site have managed to scoop big, massive and staggering wins by playing their wide selection of online slot games. Well, with the fall season already under way, there is no stopping this ultra popular casino, as they continue their string of new winners, and this time around, it was the turn of two Londoners to win some healthy jackpot prizes.

The first winner for the month of  September was a lady with the initials D.Z, who won over £5,000 while playing the Microgaming video slot machine of Avalon. The 5-reel, 20 payline slot game, which has a medieval theme and is loosely based on the history of King Arthur and his sword the Excalibur, was very fortunate for this member who joined the website just eight days prior to her big win. After winning a couple of small amounts, D.Z received £1,125, which was followed by a stunning win worth £4,825. This win came during her 12 free spins, which were triggered after landing 3 scatter symbols across the reels.

There was another big win on Saturday September 1st, as another lady known as C.M ended up with a windfall of £4,775 while playing another Microgaming slot machine, that one of Hitman. What is even more impressive, is the fact that the lucky lady signed up at SpinandWin.com the day before, and she became one of the fastest winners, as it only took her 10 minutes to accumulate her winnings. Her biggest payout came when she discovered 3 Hitman symbols across the reels, with the 2 guns symbol on three other reels, resulting to a £2,775 payout. Hitman has some nice features and members can bet from 1p per spin up to £75 per spin for bigger wins.

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