By now you should already know that one of the finest free bingo sites on the internet, that of City Bingo, has a new destination every month that helps them plan their monthly bingo and side game promotions. Well for September, City Bingo is going all Dutch, with Amsterdam being the theme of their promotions. And as always, one lucky player will be able to win a trip to Amsterdam, this time around thanks to their Amsterdam Adventure online bingo game which will play on Sunday September 30th at 10pm.

City Bingo players can purchase their tickets for the game from the lobby at a cost of £2 each, but they can also use their Diamonds to purchase tickets. Players have until Thursday September 27th to do so, and for every 10 Diamonds they have, they can convert them into one free ticket. Moreover, players who purchase 96 tickets for the Sky Scraper bingo game that takes place every Saturday, they will also receive six free tickets for the Amsterdam Adventure game. Finally, during September, the Amsterdam Qualifiers will play every Thursday at 10pm, with the Full House winner getting 60 free tickets, the two line winner getting 40 tickets, the one line winner getting 30 tickets, the 1TG and 2TG holders getting 20 and 10 free tickets respectively, while the rest of the players will get 1 free ticket. These games cost a penny each.

The winner of this bingo game, will be the first player to call bingo on the Cruise Ship pattern, and they will get to enjoy their own Amsterdam Adventure. The package includes travelling on-board a luxury cruise that will take the winner and their guest to Amsterdam, a 3 night stay at the Eden Hotel located in the centre of Amsterdam and £150 in real cash. The winner can also choose an £800 cash alternative.

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