The online bingo community is now fully aware that X Bingo continues to be one of the hottest new bingo commodities in town, and their latest adaptation of their Out of this World promotion is a clear proof of just that. This time around it has been named Entertainment Out of this World, and just in case you thought the title was a little bit generic, then we are happy to say that it revolves around watching movies and TV shows in spectacular fashion. The online bingo game will play on Friday August 31st at 9:30pm and ticket prices are fixed at 10p each.

The winner of this much anticipated bingo game will receive a Samsung Home Cinema package that will transform their living room, or any other room for that matter, into their own little private cinema. The package includes the Samsung Series 6 Full HD 55 inch LED 3D TV, the latest 5.1 Blu-Ray Wi-Fi home cinema system, two pairs of 3D glasses, a TV wall mounting bracket and a variety of the most recent Blu-Ray movies. With all these top of the range equipment, you won’t have to visit your local multiplex to see your favourite movies in high definition or in 3D format.

X Bingo players can go ahead and purchase their tickets now from the game lobby so they won’t miss out this great opportunity to win this super prize. Now in case you are a movie buff and have already transformed your living room to your own personal cinema, and you go on to win this game, you can choose to receive the £1,500 cash alternative. In the event the game is won by more than one player, the cash equivalent will be shared evenly amongst the winners.

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