After a slew of great promotions over the last couple of months, one of the best bingo sites on the internet is back in fine form with their latest promotion called Theme Park Mayhem. What is it about I hear you ask? Well, Sing Bingo is giving their members the opportunity to scoop a family holiday to the Alton Towers Resort, as well as earn free entry into some of the UK’s most thrilling and entertaining parks for the entire year. Keep reading to get more info on this new promo.

The Theme Park Mayhem game will play on Tuesday July 31st at 10pm and the Full House winner will scoop the weekend trip to Alton Towers and hotel accommodation at the Alton Towers Hotel and Resort, plus the Annual Merlin Pass for a family of four people. Overall, the total prize value of both vouchers comes to an amazing £1,000. Sing Bingo members can purchase their cards for this game at a cost of £2 each, or they can make their way to the Diamond Store and exchange 10 Diamonds for one free bingo card. But wait, there is more. Members can earn their bingo cards for the main game by playing Sing Bingo’s special mini games every Sunday, starting July 8th.

These mini games will play once every Sunday at 6pm, and considering the number of free cards members can attain by taking part, the card price of 1p per card is an absolute bargain. The Full House winner will win 50  cards, the two line winner will win 30 cards, the one line winner will win 20 cards, members with 1TG will win 10 cards each and members with 2TG will win 5 cards each. Such a rocking prize at such a bargain price can only be found at Sing Bingo.

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