Are you running short on cash and you can’t decided where to go for your summer holiday? Well, how about you plan your summer holidays a little bit later this year and take up the game of online bingo at Wink Bingo, for your chance to win a share of £6,000 worth of travel vouchers. Wink Bingo’s £6k Summer Dreams promotion  is now under way and will run until August 18th, and with the actual bingo game taking place on Sunday August 26th at 10pm.

Up until the 18th of August, Wink Bingo players have the chance to earn Dream Points which can be later exchanged for free bingo cards into the actual game, for every 500 points collected, the players will receive one free card. There are plenty of actions that can be taken to help players score those points and they include the following ways; every bingo win on the Cruise Ship pattern will earn 500 points, email Holly at Wink Bingo telling her what your dream holiday would be and why and get another 50 points, any bingo wins on the Airplane or the Suitcase patterns will earn 20 points, every £6 wagered on either 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo games will earn 20 points and for every £20 bet on any instant win game the player will earn 1 point.

Each player can participate into this dreamy bingo game with up to 96 cards, so they can also go ahead and purchase some bingo cards from the game lobby at a cost of £1 each. The five line bingo game will reward the winners with travel vouchers that are worth as follows; one line winner will get £500, two line winner will get £750, three line winner will get £1,000, four line winner will get £1,500 and the five line winner will get a voucher worth £2,250.

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