We’ve all seen so many movies over the years showing the escapades of inmates trying to escape from the notorious jail, which is located on Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco Bay, but this month, City Bingo members will want to do time thanks to the Alcatraz-themed chat games tournament. The Escape from Alcatraz chat promotion will run until Wednesday July 25th and will play three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

Taking part in these chat tournaments couldn’t be any easier, all you have to do is purchase at least one bingo ticket and City Bingo will automatically assign you to one of their six teams, all named after infamous inmates, including Al Capone, Alvin Karpis, Henri Young, Roy Gardner, George Kelly, aka Machine Gun and Robert Stroud, also known as Birdman of Alcatraz. How these chat tournaments work is even easier, every time you call a bingo win you will earn 1,000 points and one point for your team. At the end of the two hour chat tourney session, the team with the most points accumulated will win and each of their members will receive 5,000 points each. Furthermore, at the end of this promotion, City Bingo will have a free prize draw for everyone that participated in these chat tournaments, with one lucky member taking home a Blu-Ray DVD player and a copy of The Rock with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage on Blu-Ray.

You can find these awesome chat tournaments in the Millionaire Square room every Wednesday from 8pm-10pm, in the Windfall Lane room every Sunday from 1pm-3pm and in the Bucks Fountain room every Monday from 12pm-2pm. Don’t forget that you must be a real money player at City Bingo in order to take advantage of this promotion.

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