So much has been made recently about the importance of social networking sites and how they can be used by bingo sites to attract new players within the saturated UK bingo market. And while Twitter and Facebook deservedly get the lion’s share of the attention, other social media such as G+, Digg and Stumbleupon are also worth checking out. To begin with, I examined which of the top UK bingo sites are using Twitter as a medium to channel their bingo news and promotions, but most importantly, how many followers do they have. I thought it would be a lot easier, but the results were quite surprising.

From well over 40 of the most well-known bingo brands in the UK, only a handful of those had a thousand followers or more. Are you surprised? I certainly was, since bingo sites usually run promotions that are associated with their social media, as they look to get more followers to their website. And who knows how many of these followers are real paying members at the website. As of this posting, Gala Bingo, which is undoubtedly one of the top three busiest sites in the UK, had 6,221 followers on Twitter, while Foxy Bingo was well back with 3,358 followers, followed closely by Wink Bingo and their 2,655 followers.

Tombola Bingo, which is always considered one of the biggest online bingo sites in Britain has 2,135 followers, while Jackpotjoy Bingo was lagging behind with just 1,658 followers. I also discovered  that Costa Bingo was the leading website from BGO Entertainment, formerly Mandalay Media Group, with a mere 908 followers.

In terms of tweets it wasn’t even close, with Gala Bingo leading the way with over 14,000 tweets and Foxy Bingo running a distant second with just over 4,700 tweets. On the other hand, you can follow Bingo Find’s Twitter HERE so you won’t miss any new promotions or breaking news from your favourite bingo sites.