Some of the most popular free online bingo sites in the United Kingdom, which are operated by Mandalay Media Ltd, have gone ahead and introduced the Diamond Club. This new 5-level VIP programme is off the chain, and is set to revolutionize how all loyalty programmes should operate from now on. The bingo sites that are setting the bar high include Costa Bingo, Sing Bingo, City Bingo and Fancy Bingo.

Players at all of the aforementioned websites will take advantage of increased benefits every time they stake a pound, as they will be rewarded with Diamonds. There are a total of five VIP levels and depending on how much money each player has deposited at their preferred websites, they will move up a level, with the higher levels offering much better benefits. The VIP Levels can be achieved as follows; the Blue level can be achieved when a player deposits up to £50, the Bronze level is for players who have deposited between £50-£500, the Silver level is for those who have deposited between £500-£1,000 and the Gold level is reserved for players who have deposited between £1,000-£5,000. Any player that has achieved deposits of £5,000 and over, will be entered into the exclusive Platinum level so they can enjoy the very best from their bingo site.

In addition to earning special weekly and reload bonuses, access to free bingo games and guaranteed jackpots, players can expect to receive a generous birthday bonus depending on their VIP level. Players who have their birthday at City Bingo and Fancy Bingo can earn between 75% up to 150% when they make a deposit on the special day, while players at Costa Bingo and Sing Bingo can make between 75% and 300% when they deposit on their birthday.

The Diamonds collected from each player can be then traded in for free tickets into bingo games, activate exclusive bonuses, earn real and bonus cash or even win some amazing prizes. Best of all, since all the websites are sister sites, the Diamond total for each player includes the Diamonds collected from each of the four sites, helping them to bring their overall total to one large sum.