What happens when one of the greatest bingo sites is set to orchestrate a Mega Bingo Draw? Well, you can expect to get some of the most fervent bingo fans to go crazy as they look to get their hands on some fantastic vouchers, while others will not be left empty-handed, as they will get to scoop bingo bonuses. All of these and more will be taking centre stage at the incredible BobsBingo.com website.

The Mega Bingo Draw competition will work as follows, every time a Bobs Bingo player wins on the Full House, they will receive one entry into the Final draw that will take place on Sunday July 1st. The more they play and the more times they call bingo on the Full House, the more entries they will receive into the draw, which means that their chances are increased dramatically as they look to win one of the top three prizes. One lucky winner will get a £150 Amazon Grocery Gift Card, two winners will each receive a £100 Amazon Grocery Card and three winners will get to walk away with the same gift card worth £50 per player. In addition, 25 players picked at random will get 25 BBs each so they can play more free bingo games.

Bobs Bingo will also be running a Slots Tournament every week in June, with the top ten players based on their wagering on online slots, casino and instant games collecting some fantastic real cash prizes. The 1st prize is £500, the 2nd prize is £450, the 3rd prize is £400, the 4th prize is £350, the 5th prize is £300, the 6th prize is £250, the 7th prize is £200, the 8th prize is £150, the 9th prize is £100 and the 10th prize is £50.

The weekly winners will be announced the following day after the end of the week, for example, the first set of winners will be revealed on Friday June 8th. Moreover, the top overall winner will get to win an Apple Ipad for their efforts, while the winner will be announced on Monday July 2nd.

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