In the UK, and most of Europe for that matter, everybody is gearing up to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday June 17th, that is why we have selected some of the best bingo sites in Britain today to highlight their unbelievable Father’s Day promotions. Most of these promos come in the form of sublime online bingo games that play on the 90 ball variant and dish out a variety of cash prizes to the different line winners. Here is our suggestions, just make your pick and what suits your needs, and give it a go.

Tasty Bingo is serving up a treat with their £500 Dad’s Delight game that will play on June 17th at 8pm in the Dad’s Delight bingo room. This is the only 75 ball bingo game of the night, with the first Tasty Bingo player to call bingo on the Kiss pattern winning the £300 Full House prizes. The rest of the £200 will be shared amongst the players with 1TG cards before the Full House win was called out. Cards for the game cost just 4p and players can purchase up to 96 from the game lobby now.

Posh Bingo and their £600 Daddy Cool bingo game will play on Sunday June 17th at 9:45pm, while cards can be purchased from the Specials tab. This traditional 90 ball game will split the £600 cash prize as follows; the one line winner will receive £100, the two line winner will get £200 and the Full House winner will scoop £300. Pre-buying your cards is always a good idea so you won’t miss out, especially with each one costing a mere 10p, while the maximum number of cards is capped at 96.

However, one of the newest bingo sites,, is holding what’s probably the biggest bingo game of the night, at least in terms of the cash prize, as it plans to give away £1,000 in their Who’s Your Daddy game. The game plays at 9:45pm and cards cost a reasonable 20p each considering the value of the jackpot at stake.