With so many races coming to a close, Virgin Bingo has decided to go take the other route and launch a brand new week long online bingo race that will dish out a total of £2,500 in real cash prizes. The Bingo 50 race will take place from May 7th until May 13th and will reward the top 50 Virgin Bingo players with a cash prize ranging from £20 all the way up to £500 for the race winner.

In order to take part in the race, Virgin Bingo players must opt-in by clicking on the relevant link which is located on the Virgin Bingo website, and start to play their favourite online bingo games. At the end of the promotional week, the top 50 spenders based on how many bingo tickets they have purchased, will get to share the £2,500 prize pool. The cash prizes will be credited to the winners’ accounts by the end of the day, Monday May 14th as follows:

The winner will get £500, the runner up will get £300, the third place player will get £200, the fourth place player will win £100 and the fifth place player will win £75. Virgin Bingo players from sixth to ninth place will get £50 each, players from 10th to 19th place will get £40 each while players who finish between 20th and 29th place will get £30 each. Players who managed to end up between 30th and 39th place will receive £25 and everyone from 40th to 50th position will take home £20 each.

Virgin Bingo will also have a leaderboard displaying the top 50 players based on the number of tickets purchased up until midnight the previous day, helping players to monitor their progress and see where they stand up against their fellow roomies.

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