Do you remember those fun and exciting online bingo and instant game tournaments that RedBus Bingo used to serve us every other week a while back? Well, they are back and RedBus Bingo is firing on all cylinders with their latest £500 Tropical Fever Bingo and IG Tournament that will run from May 10th until May 20th and will dish out a total of £500 in real cash prizes. So make sure you rev up your engines, it’s going to be a thrilling ride.

The £500 prize pool will be shared amongst the top ten players that accumulate the most RedBus Points over the promotional period with the winner taking home £120, the runner up receiving £90 and the third place player getting £70. The next three players will receive £55, £45 and £35 respectively. The last four players to make it into the top ten, from 7th to 10th position, they will end up receiving £30, £25, £20 and £10 respectively for their efforts.

Red Bus Bingo will be rewarding their players with points every time they complete the following actions; for every £10 wagered on the instant games of Chuzzle, Snakes and Ladders, Cops and Robbers, Deal or No Deal, Zuma or Can Can they will get 2 points, for every £1 bet on bingo they will get 3 points, for every bingo win on the Cosmopolitan, Airplane or Ice Cream Cone pattern they will get 5 points and by emailing Angie at RedBus Bingo telling her what their favourite cocktail is they will earn 10 points.

The tournament leaderboard will be available on the RedBus Bingo website and it will display the top 20 players based on their level of play at the end of the previous day. The leaderboard will be updated daily so players can monitor how close they are to making it into the money.

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