Not one of those bingo sites to sit around and rest on its laurels, Tombola Bingo has been busy developing a brand new variation of online bingo games, this time around is Bingo 60, which was unveiled to their players this past week. This game can only be found at probably the UK’s biggest bingo site, just like the rest of their exclusive games that include Bingo Lite, Cinco, Roller-coaster and Hamster Race.

The Bingo 60 games can be found in two rooms, namely the Mocha and Latte, with the two chat rooms joining forces every evening from 2am-8am when bingo traffic tends to slow down. Every Tombola Bingo player receives 5 tickets into a single game, each having its own colour and jackpot prize, and during each game players play for all five of their tickets at the same time. Adding to the excitement, players can actually mark off their numbers manually, but for those players who are less experienced, the automated function is also available.

There are four different categories of Bingo 60 based on how much the tickets cost, players can choose 25p, 50p, £1 and £2 tickets, while the values of the five jackpot prizes vary from £125 all the way up to £20,000. It goes without saying that in order for a player to win  the maximum £20k jackpot they must purchase those tickets that cost £2 each while the bingo win must be called in 34 numbers or less on the blue ticket. The maximum jackpot for the 25p tickets is capped at £2,500, for the 50p tickets at £5,000, for the £1 tickets at £10,000 and for the £2 tickets at £20,000.

Judging by the winners page, Bingo 60 is already proving to be a hit amongst Tombola Bingo players, with plenty of £1k, £4k and £5k winners. Will you be the first one to scoop that massive £20,000 jackpot? Play Bingo 60 today to find out.

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