It was only a matter of time before the Spin and Win casino ventured into the online bingo world, after conquering the online slots landscape. The popular casino now offers their members the chance to play online bingo games into two bingo rooms, one offering 75 ball bingo and the other one offering 90 ball bingo games. This is just the beginning, as Spin and Win plans to introduce more bingo rooms in the not-too-distant future.

The 75 ball room is called 7 Wonders and the 90 ball room is called Bingo Babes, while Spin and Win players will be able to purchase tickets with prices ranging from 5p to 25p while both rooms will remain open from 8am until 1am every day of the week. The maximum number of tickets a player can purchase in the 7 Wonders room is capped at 24 and in the Bingo Babes room is 18, which means that both sets of players will have an equal chance of winning, as opposed in other bingo rooms that players can purchase up to 96 tickets per game.

Spin and Win have already launched their first array of bingo promotions, but you can most certainly expect them to up the ante in the coming weeks as more and more players make their way into their bingo rooms. As of now, players can win bonus cash for being amongst the highest wagerers, calling bingo the most times on certain numbers or win Amazon vouchers for purchasing the most number of tickets during the weekend. Moreover, a special 75% redeposit bonus is applicable on a single deposit of £10-£50 made between Friday and Sunday.

Finally, something to look forward to for the month of June, the Spin and Win player to call bingo the most times on the Coverall pattern and the Full House will get to bag a cool £250 bonus prize.

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