It was only a matter of time before the casino website of Spin and Win revealed their first ever big jackpot winner, and it has finally happened. Even though the name of the player still remains a secret, we do know that it was a female member from Worcestershire in the UK that managed to win a total of £74,800 when playing a session of online slots back in March 30th. What is even more amazing is the fact that the lucky lady had only been a member at Spin and Win for just eight days before her gargantuan win.

The stunning windfall of £74,800 resulted from playing two of her favourite online slot games, the 50,000 Pyramid slot and the Cleopatra slot machine, both of which are immensely popular amongst the Spin and Win members. A representative from Spin and Win commented on this amazing win by saying: “We are glad that after this win, the player can make some of her dreams come true. We are hoping to put smiles on players’ faces by providing various ways to win.”

But Spin and Win is more than just an online slot games heaven, they have just announced that a massive array of 28 brand new scratch card games has been added to their already extensive arsenal of instant win games. The new games have a mixture of themes and they include the likes of Ace Squadron, Boogie Time, Martian Millions, Mystical Money, Voodoo Dolls and Vikings Plunder. Bets on scratch cards start from as little as 10p and go up to £10, while the maximum payout is capped at a huge £100,000.

Take advantage of the free £20 no deposit required bonus offered by Spin and Win and check out all their new and existing games. Atlantis, the Amazing Adventures of Pierre La Mer is truly stunning as showcased in the below video. Click play to see for yourself.