It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and it’s definitely a new month at Bobs Bingo, as yet another round of pattern gathering has already commenced on May 1st and will continue right through Thursday May 31st. The Wild Heart Gathering bingo promotion will dish out a huge numbers of bonuses every time players collect patterns that make up words. These games play in the fantastic Buckingham Palace bingo room every day, so look out for those 75 ball bingo patterns to come up and load up your cards.

The first week of pattern gathering runs from May 1st until May 7th and the patterns players must collect are W-I-L-D to make up the word Wild. Then from May 8th until May 14th, players must look out for just three letters, F-U-N, to make up the word Fun, while between May 15th and May 21st, the three letter word hunt continues, as players vie for Full House wins on the letters of J-O-Y that make up the word Joy. Finally, the last week of the pattern gathering promotion will run from May 22nd until May 31st, with the patterns of F-E-S-T being sought after by all players to spell the word Fest.

Every time a player completes a set of the patterns and manages to spell the word correctly, they will receive a £20 bonus, which they must raise a ticket with the support team in order to collect their bonus. Players must make at least one qualifying deposit worth £25 during each week of the promotion, while they can only claim the same pattern twice on each qualifying deposit.

Also running this month at Bobs Bingo, is their new Wagers’ Rock promotion that will reward the top 10 bingo and slot players based on how much they have wagered every week. The top 10 players that wager the most on online bingo games will get to share 2,250 in BBs while the top 10 players that wager the most on online slots will get to share £2,250 in real cash every week. At the end of month, the top 5 players will get to win a share of an extra £2,500 prize pool.

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