The much anticipated arrival of the Olympic Torch in the UK is set to arrive in Chester as it crosses the Welsh borders on Tuesday May 29th, but one of the best free bingo sites in the UK, is already planning some scorching online bingo games to celebrate the occasion in a great manner. City Bingo is launching a brand new array of 75 ball bingo games that will play every Saturday evening at 9pm from May 19th until July 28th in order to follow the Olympic Torch as it passes across the UK.

These special 75 ball bingo games will have three winners, unlike most of the games that feature a single winner, with the Full House winner receiving one month of free bingo that will come in the form of £150 worth of bonus cash, players with 1TG tickets will share 100,000 City Points and players with 2TG tickets will split 50,000 City Points.

Tickets for these exciting games are just 1p each and City Bingo players can maximize their chances of winning by purchasing up to 96 tickets per game, it will still set them back less than a pound. The games are only available to players that have funded their bingo account, while in the event of two or more players winning the Full House jackpot, then the prize will be shared equally amongst the winners.

Don’t forget that there are still two more City Souvenir bingo games taking place this month, the next on May 23rd and then the last one on May 30th, both at 9pm. Tickets for the first game cost 1p each and the winner will receive a complete Tapas kit which include dishes, a cookbook and a hamper, while tickets for the second one cost 2p each and the winner will take home a stunning Kindle Touch and the lonely planet guide to Barcelona.

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