Running the marathon can be an excruciating experience, but taking part in the online bingo marathon at Bobs Bingo is an absolutely rewarding adventure. For the month of April, members at Bobs Bingo will be rewarded with points every time they make a deposit at the site, and then, at the end of the month they will be able to sell those points and get amazing prizes, bonuses and real cash prizes in return. Let the games begin.

Based on the amount each member decides to deposit, they will earn the following points; deposits between £15 and £29 will be rewarded with 15 points, deposits between £30 and £59 will receive 30 points, deposits between £60 and £99 will end up with 45 points while deposits of £100 and over will receive a very generous 50 points. Players can redeem their points daily or wait until the end of the month, but they cannot sell more than 500 points per day.

Members have five predetermined options on how to exchange their points and each option includes the following prizes; members who have between 100-199 points they can choose between 25BBs or £15 in cash, members who have collected between 200-299 points can pick 50BBs or £20 in cash or a box of chocolates, while members who have earned between 300-399 points can choose either 75BBs, or £20 in cash or chocolates and a bottle of wine. Any members that have been fortunate to accumulate between 400-499 points can select either 100BBs, or £30 in cash or chocolates, an iPod and wine, while anyone with 500 points can choose from BBs, cash, a mobile phone, Amazon shopping vouchers and a gift basket.

These points will be given on top of the regular deposit bingo bonuses that Bobs Bingo is so renowned for, while all new players can still benefit from their fantastic £15 free no deposit bonus which is credited into their account once they complete the fast and easy registration form.

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