RedBus Bingo is turning two years old, and you should already know by now that you can expect an awesome online bingo game to mark this special occasion as well as an amazing birthday chat party to go along with it. The £1k Happy Birthday bingo game and the Birthday Chat Party will take place this upcoming weekend, making it a very rewarding experience all around. Just show up and get into the winning act.

On Saturday April 28th, RedBus Bingo will host a stunning bingo game that will play at 8pm and can be found under the Specials tab in the game lobby. This game features a must win £1,000 jackpot while tickets for the game cost a mere 10p each and for those that want to boost their chances of winning, they can max out by purchasing 96 tickets, which will still set them back less than a tenner. The Full House winner of the game will scoop £500, the two line winner will receive £300 and the one line winner will get £200. As always, in case of more than one winner, the value of the prize will be split evenly amongst those players.

RedBus Bingo will also be hosting a fun Birthday Chat Party between Friday April 27th and Sunday April 29th and players will have the chance to win double joy points, as well as extra cash and bonuses. The party will take place in the I Love RedBus room and some of the chat games include the Birthday Cake and the Pass the Parcel. The former will reward the top 50 players to call a bingo win on the Candlestick pattern with 2,000 joy points each, while the latter will reward the top 10 players to win the most on the instant game of Deal or No Deal with an extra £5 in cash each.

You can visit the RedBus Bingo website to see the rest of the line up and get more details on how you can be a part of a birthday party where you can walk away a winner.

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