Gavin Henson, the main face for one of the most reputable online bingo sites in the UK, has had a rough couple of days, after being sacked by his rugby team the Cardiff Blues after only eight appearances, and losing a lucrative sponsorship deal he had with Nestle to promote a children’s yogurt brand. And as if that wasn’t enough, the airline Flybe also banned the rugby star from all of their flights for the next six months.

The chain of events started when the Cardiff Blues team lost a game last Friday and then Gavin Henson and some of his team mates when out drinking. When flying back the next day to Wales from Glasgow aboard a Flybe flight, Gavin Henson exhibited ‘drunken behaviour’ and it is also understood that he even threw ice cubes around the cabin of the aircraft, which resulted in some of the cabin crew members refusing to even serve him. That prompted the airline carrier to impose a six month ban to the rugby player on all their flights.

After the news surfaced across the tabloids in the UK, Lactalis Nestle Chilled Dairy, who signed Gavin Henson for a story writing competition for children, decided to drop the father of two by saying: “We recruited Gavin for this year’s Munch Time children’s story-writing competition because he is a committed father of two. We decided to terminate the contract in light of reports about his unacceptable behaviour.”

Since then, the double grand slam winner has apologized for his inexcusable antics and even got the backing of probably his sole sponsor at the moment, Brits Bingo. A spokeswoman for the bingo site said: “Gavin’s behaviour really doesn’t change anything for us.  We certainly don’t condone his behaviour, but he is a celebrity and his celebrity profile goes up and down all the time. He’s very popular with our customers and this will not lower him in their estimation.”