The thing I love the most about the always colourful and vibrant online bingo site of City Bingo, is that they are not afraid to offer their players the chance to win some seasonal prizes at really cheap prices. In addition to their always exciting and must play promotions, other cheaper online bingo games still carry some awesome prizes that would put a big smile on anyone’s face. The Easter Sunday Showdown promotion will play on Sunday April 8th on the hour mark between 4pm-7pm.

The four online bingo games will play on the 75 ball bingo variant, meaning the first City Bingo player to call bingo on the Easter Bunny pattern will win the respective prize of that game. The first game, called the Rabbit’s Easter Party, will play at 4pm and the winner will get to take home a Cadbury’s Celebration Hamper and it will be followed by the 5pm game, also known as Easter Chick Party, where a Chocolate Fountain kit will be on the line. Then at 6pm, the Chocolate Bunny Game will reward the winner with a Chocolate Fondue set and lastly the 7pm game, alias the Egg and Spoon Race, will dish out to the winner a bottle of champagne and a Cadbury’s Milk Tray. Your tickets to the Easter Sunday Showdown games will cost only 1p each so maxing out is a very good idea.

City Bingo is having a Parisian theme this month, so the City Souvenir bingo games will feature some French related prizes. The next game takes place on Wednesday April 4th at 9pm, it’s completely free of charge and the winner will receive a copy of the movie Moulin Rouge on DVD with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor and a bottle of classic pink French champagne. While tickets for the game are free, only funded City Bingo players can participate, so make sure you make your first deposit today and gain free access to the game.

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