Fancy Bingo, one of the best free bingo sites that offers great value bingo games, has named the next two weeks as the Dollar Fortnight, as players look out to win as many online bingo games as they can on the Dollar Sign pattern. If you are asking why, then the answer is very simple. Fancy Bingo is giving away some fabulous prizes to the players that call bingo the most times on this particular pattern during the promotional period.

The two weeks run from April 16th until April 30th and all players need to do in order to win one of the three prizes, is to bingo on the Dollar Sign pattern. So when you are in the 75 ball bingo rooms, and you see that pattern come up, make sure you load up your cards so you can increase your chances of winning that game. For every bingo win on the pattern, players will receive 1 point, and in order to keep score of how many points they have accumulated, players can check the respective leaderboard.

The winner of the Dollar Fortnight bingo promotion will take home the latest Kindle Touch 3G, the runner up will receive a £100 cash prize and the player to come in third place will win a £50 cash prize. Keep in mind that these prizes come over and above the regular wins players can expect to receive when they call bingo on the Dollar Sign pattern. The Kindle Touch e-reader weighs only 220 grams, it can hold up to 3,000 books, it has a free 3G wireless that lets you download anything you want, anyplace, anytime, at no cost, while the E-Ink display monitor lets you read your newspaper or book even in bright sunlight.

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