Robin Hood Bingo has found a brand new way to dish out even more prizes to their players, with the introduction of their latest Bingo Knight Tournaments. There are two online bingo tournaments that play every week, the Red Tournament that runs from 7pm-8pm between Saturday and Thursday, and the Blue Tournament that runs from 7pm-8pm every Friday evening. Both tourneys are open only to players that have funded their Robin Hood Bingo account, so consider yourself warned.

This novel and very exciting tournament has Robin Hood Bingo members play against each other, as they try to win more cash prizes. The Bingo Knight tournaments last for an hour, and players have the chance to play 5 line bingo games in order to score points. Every time a player calls bingo on the 3 line, the amount of the jackpot won will be their score, and it will go up on the leaderboard. After the end of the tournament, the top five players with the highest 3 line scores will get to share the prize pools.

The Red Tournament has a £50 prize pool which will be split as follows; 1st place £20, 2nd place £15, 3rd place £10, 4th place £3 and 5th place £2. The Blue Tournament has a stunning £250 prize pool with the winner getting £125, the runner up receiving £75, the third place player winning £25, the fourth place player getting £15 and the fifth place player scooping £10.

Robin Hood Bingo players are asked to stay in the tournament room until all the games are over in order to check out if they have managed to score a win, while the leaderboard might take between 2-3 minutes before it is updated from game to game. The prizes will be credited into the winners account five minutes after the last tournament game is played.

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