Simply call it spoilt for choice, or you can even go ahead and call it a seasonal treat, but whatever you decide to call the £1 million Easter Bash bingo promotion at Bet365 Bingo, one thing is guaranteed, players will have plenty of chance to play their favourite online bingo games and win increased cash prizes with minimal risk.  It all starts on Friday March 30th and the bash will continue right through Monday April 9th in the Guilty Pleasures bingo room.

The growing list of big winners at Bet365 Bingo is about to get longer after this awesome bingo promotion is over and done with, as they have put aside at least £50,000 in guaranteed cash prizes for players with 1 number and 2 numbers to go before the Full House win. The 1TG and 2TG games will play daily from 6:30pm until 11pm and with cash pots ranging from £1,250 up to £1,500, the ticket prices of 20p and 30p are an absolute bargain. No good promotion can take place without those cheap penny bingo games, and Bet365 Bingo has duly obliged by adding those popular games every day from 11am until midday, with £20 fixed pots up for grabs playing throughout the hour.

The Gold Ticket games are an absolute treat with more and more Bet365 Bingo players discovering that they can walk away with a £250 cash prize at a cost of only 5p per ticket. These games play twice a day, once at 12:12pm and once at 12:42pm. The Last Chance Saloon games, probably the second most popular bingo game at Bet365 Bingo, will play daily from 6:40pm until 9:40pm with pot prizes ranging in the £25-£1,250 region and tickets prices varying between 15p and 30p.

The 2k Treats and 2k Baby online bingo games will play between Monday and Thursday and Friday and Sunday respectively and will feature £2,000 must go jackpots. Tickets can be purchased in advance at a cost of 30p only. Moreover, there will be £65,000 in Bingo Linx games playing throughout the promotion, making these astonishing prizes a great treat for Easter.

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