Virgin Bingo has just released the details on their latest bingo promotions, and in one word, we love them. Ok, that is more than one word, but what can you do. The Red Room Galore promotion will run from February 6th until February 29th, while the Winner’s Night promotion is schedule for this coming Sunday, February 12th and will run from 6pm until midnight. Both promotions are worth your time and money so make sure you check them out, there’s plenty of cash on the line.

In the Red Room Galore promotion, Virgin Bingo is giving you the chance to qualify every week to play in hidden bingo rooms that will feature free online bingo games with a grand on the line. All you have to do, is wager £500 in bingo tickets throughout the week, Monday to Saturday, and you will gain entry into the Sunday Red Room to vie for your chance to win £1,000. Raising the stakes is Virgin Bingo’s forte, so if you qualify for all three Sunday Games, February 12th, 19th and 26th, Virgin Bingo will give you entry into the Bonus Red Room on Wednesday February 29th at 8pm to play online bingo free of charge so you can win a share of £2,000 in cash prizes.

As if that wasn’t enough, on Sunday February 12th from 6pm until midnight in the Necker Island room, Virgin Bingo will be hosting Winner’s Night and will dish out a minimum of £30,000 in prizes. The prize pool will include £24,000 in bingo games while the remaining £6,000 will go towards 1TG and 2TG prizes. There is going to be a whole host of exciting games, ranging in ticket prices and jackpot prizes, including everyone’s favourite penny bingo games, Last Chance Saloon games and BOGOF games.

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