If you are itching to get your hands on a progressive bingo jackpot, then there is no better place to win one other than the online bingo site of Bingo Cams. Adding to the overall excitement, players who record their reactions to a possible jackpot win via their webcam, can end up scooping one of the three prizes which are part of the monthly Live Win Moments promotion. The top entry will receive £1,000 and two runners up will pick £500 each.

Each of the five bingo rooms at Bingo Cams have their own unique room jackpot, which grow with every passing game, as a small percentage from the ticket price goes towards the progressive jackpot. Players can get their hands on these growing jackpots by calling bingo in 40 numbers or less, which makes them far easier to win. As of this writing, the BingBlig Jackpot stood at over £538, the Bubblegum Jackpot north of £667 and the Millionaire Jackpot at more than £5,000. Two of the jackpots, the Celebrity Jackpot and the Hollywood Jackpot, had be won, so each of the jackpots was reset back to their starting amount.

As one of the new bingo sites in town, Bingo Cams has another ace up their sleeve, this time around, a bigger jackpot called the Big Bang Progressive Jackpot. This awesome jackpot can be won in all the bingo rooms, but players must call bingo in 32 numbers or less. That requirement does make it a lot harder to win, but any potential windfall is enormous. Simply ask the player with the alias ‘Kyrasmum’ who ended up more than £17,000 richer when she called bingo in 31 numbers. As of this story, the progressive jackpot was fast approaching the £21k mark.

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